RN Professions

Welcome to the

RN Professions Podcast

The podcast that teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about the wonderful world of Nursing. Nurses can have any job! I dive deep into RN specialties, unique roles, AND will equip you with professional development tools to help you excel in your own nursing journey so you can have the job you want!

Registered nurses have the most

interesting & diverse career opportunities!

Each week, join me, Alli Merrell, a working RN who's done everything from med-surg to PICC lines, aesthetics to Pharma, as I interview nurses across the country to discuss their current nursing roles, responsibilities,  schedules, salaries, unique journey and so much more.


Whether you are a nursing student still fearing that dreaded NCLEX, an established nurse looking for a change of scenery, or are simply curious about the wonderful world of registered nursing this podcast is for you!


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